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ARE YOU FRUSTRATED with blending or layering colors as you're getting muddy or dull results? Or ...

YOU'RE CONFUSED how to use acrylic mediums for a layered look and you wish you could create layers of vivid colors with a translucent feeling?

AND YOU WANT TO EXPLORE new and contemporary painting techniques that you can incorporate into your own unique style to create beautiful abstracts… ?

You already know that having multiple layers in your art can create a beautiful multi dimensional look and a result that looks more sophisticated. And perhaps you've already seen that mediums can be a great tool to get some beautiful effects out of your paints. But while you love a vibrant and translucent feel in your art, beautiful color harmony,  and layers that offer interest and depth... you probaly also know that using the right materials,  choosing the right colors, and the approaches of HOW TO LAYER YOUR COLORS and BUILD YOUR COMPOSITION for that eye-catching end result can sometimes be a challenge...





  • Create abstract paintings with vibrant layers
  • Build Translucent Effects into your Art
  • Learn the Layering Process to achieve a visually pleasing composition and good color balance.
  • Gain Color Confidence to create visually pleasing vibrant art 
     while avoiding undesired, muddy results 
  • Discover Contemporary Techniques using a Painting Wedge 
  • Gain confidence in using wide brushes for a contemporary look and gorgeous color blends 
  • Gain clarity on your materials to get the best out of them
  • Be Inspired & Have Fun as you learn new skills and explore your creativity 
  • Feel more joy in creating your abstract art



Create beautiful layers, color harmony, and good compositions in your abstract art  

Here's what you'll learn


  • How to use Acrylic Glazing and Gel Mediums to create beautiful effects and vibrant layered abstract paintings.

  • You will have a better understanding of types of acrylic mediums, and how to use them.

  • You'll learn about my approach of mixing Acrylic paints and Glazing Mediums and in what sequence I apply them on a canvas. 

  • You will understand what creates muddy color in a painting and gain confidence with your color choices. In other words, You will have a better understanding of which colors work well with each other (and which colors don't work with each other) when it comes to blending.

  • You will gain confidence in blending colors using mediums and be happy to create eye-pleasing color transitions/layers (without getting muddy results).

  • You will learn how to chose good color combinations for your painting for an overall color balance and how to coordinate them on your painting.
  • You will learn my process of slowly building vibrant and multi dimensional layers on a painting, step by step, toward an eye-pleasing composition.

  • You will learn my tips and techniques to use a silicone painting scraper (such as the Catalyst Silicone Wedge) with confidence to create beautiful strokes and layered abstracts with a contemporary look

  • You will learn how brushes, scrapers, and painting knifes can create different effects when it comes to painting with mediums.

  • You will gain confidence in using wider brushes (like 3 - 4 inch wide) to blend colors on canvas and create beautiful transitions between colors.

  • Through the new techniques I will show you in this course, you will learn how you can incorporate glazing/layering effects into your existing style and learn tips on how you can continue developing your own unique painting approach. 

I’ve put this course together based on many Questions and Requests I have received over the years from many Artists like YOU!

In the course I share some of my own techniques and approaches that I developed over a number of years, though trial and error, as well as my personal inspiration for you so that YOU can explore how to integrate what you learn into your own practice, regardless of what your abstract style is or what stage you're in.
D e n i z 
Deniz You Rock ! The best art investment I have ever made. This course was way more than I expected. You explained everything I was wondering about and went way above and beyond that. Thank you for giving me such inspiration to create my own unique works of art! — Julie
Omg!!! I always had problem with color choice. I'm learning A LOT! Thank you!! — Neda  
Thank you so much Deniz, this course was amazing…I really loved the way you explain each & everything in depth, it cleared my all doubts. — Zainab 
This is exactly what I needed. I sort of know the basics of color, but this clarified everything. It was super important to me and well worth the time it took to watch and learn. I could never understand why my colors always looked muddy. Now I know! — Noleen 
You have taken the mystery out of working with glazing medium and the catalyst wedge. Now I understand how the glazing process works. What makes your technique so special, is the transparency of the layers. Thanks for all you share with your students!” — Dianne
I am very happy and creativity explores completely different directions. The course really gives me the feeling of getting to know a whole new side of myself. Deniz, you are insanely inspiring on so many levels! Thank you! — Marina
I am very impressed with the technical quality of your videos, your content and exceptional style, beautiful choice of colors and techniques. — Jim
I have learned so much from you and opened up a new world of painting to me....Thank you so much for all I have gained. You were an incredible teacher.  Lori
This course was like a novel I could not put down!    Kathy
I really love this course and I've learned a lot about abstract technique and color.  Linda
I took Deniz' art course and found it fascinating. She has incredible attention to detail and a fluid teaching style. Her artwork is amazing and there is much more that goes into creating these beauties than you think! I loved her class!   —Angie
I binge-watched the entire course! It was so thorough, as well as mesmerizing and fascinating. And now I'm excited to start practicing and developing some of these techniques into my own art explorations! — Kerry


You can check out some of the inspiring artwork students create right here.



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Uncover How to Create Vibrant, Colorful, and Translucent Layers in Your Abstract Paintings With Confidence, Using Acrylic Paints & Mediums


Join me in this online course today to start creating YOUR vibrant layered paintings!

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Here's What You're Getting When You Enroll Into This Online Course:


  • 24/7 Instant and Lifetime Access to Course  (including all future updates)
  • 8 In-Depth Training Modules (12 Hours of video that is Self-Paced - learn anywhere, anytime)
  • Step by Step training (on techniques, materials, and approaches)
  • End to End Painting Demonstrations fully explained by me (plus additional demonstrations on how to enhance existing art with Layering Techniques)
  • Access to your instructor to ask questions right inside the online classroom
  • [optional] Free mobile course app (compatible with iOS and Android) so you can take your learning experience anywhere, anytime
  • Private Student Community right inside the course platform (also accessible via the FREE mobile app) where you can ask further questions to your instructor and share your painting photos, ideas, experiences, and inspiration with fellow class members (No Facebook account required)


See others' results for yourself!

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Module 1

Introduction to Acrylic Mediums & Their Benefits

In this first module we're going to look at various features and benefits of mediums, review medium families, and discuss why certain mediums work well in creating layered paintings. We will also have our first simple free style demonstration to show some ways in which fluid mediums can help us work and to get some inspiration going. 

Module Highlights:

  • Lesson 01: Introduction to Acrylics Mediums
  • Lesson 02: A Simple Demonstration (using mediums)


Module 2

Getting to Know Your Materials

In the first 3 lessons we will learn more about acrylic paints and the mediums we will use….. and we will learn a little bit of the science behind them. I will also mention some substitutes or other options for mediums, in case this is something you require.

In lessons 4, 5, 6 we then discuss the painting surface and tools we use in this course. 

Module Highlights:

  • Lesson 01: Acrylic Paints
  • Lesson 02: Mediums in This Course
  • Lesson 03: Things to Know When Using Other Mediums
  • Lesson 04: The Painting Surface (we will use stretched canvas)
  • Lesson 05: The Tools
  • Lesson 06: Cleaning the Tools 
For a list of Materials used in this course CLICK HERE

Module 3

Mixing, Application, & Layering Techniques

We  introduce some of the fundamental building blocks of using mediums and acrylic paint… from how to mix them, and how to apply them on canvas,  to what kind of gestures you can create with a painting wedge (the "catalyst wedge")

In Lesson 1 & 2 we start with the simple practices that will help you build confidence of how how to mix and apply the materials on canvas, and to see the possibilities you can create in terms of strokes and gestures. This is a time to play and warm up to the practice of using the materials.

In Lesson 3 and onwards, we will start looking at Techniques for Layering and watch the difference of layering Wet on Wet vs Wet on Dry, and how to decide which approach to use. These lessons will start giving you a flavour of the layered painting process and allow you to start practicing the techniques and explore layering color with the catalyst wedge.

Module Highlights:

  • Lesson 01: Ways to Mix Paint with Medium
  • Lesson 02: Shapes & Forms
  • Lesson 03: Techniques for Layering - Part 1
  • Lesson 04: Techniques for Layering - Part 2
  • Lesson 05: Negative Painting (as a Layering Technique)


Module 4

Color Harmony

It’s time to learn about some of the important basics of color theory and how to achieve color harmony when combining colors, blending, and layering. Without understanding color well, no technique and no material or tool will be good enough to achieve visually pleasing results in your art.

In this module There will be a lot of foundational learning: In Lesson 1 we will start with color theory and some key color terminology. In Lesson 2 we will move on to discussing principles and tips to maintain color vibrancy and avoiding muddy colors (and what exactly creates muddy color) as we blend or layer color. In Lesson 3 we will look at how to achieve overall color harmony in a painting – in other words how to make a painting’s color palette work.

Module Highlights:

  • Lesson 01: Introduction to Color Theory
  • Lesson 02: Color Harmony for Blending & Layering
  • Lesson 03: Color Harmony in a Painting: Using a Color Scheme


Module 5

Phases of a Layered Painting

This is the core module of this course, where it’s time to see how everything comes together when creating an entire painting, from bare canvas to completed composition.  In this module you will learn how to approach an entire abstract painting through the process of creating multiple layers, and how acrylic mediums are used in creating that layered, vibrant, and translucent effect, resulting in vibrant colors that are not muddy.

In the first lesson, I will walk you through the the conceptual model of the process, the Layering Framework - this will help you get some clarity on the layering process and thought process before we start painting. In Lessons 2 through 8, we will have an actual painting demonstration on canvas, showing the layering process phase by phase, working from choosing our colours and the first layer, to the last layer and finishing touches.

I will take you through what I’m thinking in each step and what my goals are in each session, walking you through step by step.

(The painting videos are not a time lapse - all steps are real time with me commenting on every step).

Module Highlights:

  • Lesson 01: The Layering Framework
  • Lesson 02: Identify the Color Palette
  • Lesson 03: Create a Base Layer (Painting Session 1)
  • Lesson 04: Adding Layers using Mediums (Painting Session 2)
  • Lesson 05: Adding Layers using Mediums (Painting Session 3)
  • Lesson 06: Checking & Refining (Painting Session 4)
  • Lesson 07: Review & Final Touches (Painting Session 5)
  • Lesson 08: Recap of Layering Phases


Module 6

Layered Abstract Demonstrations Using Various Themes & Approaches

This module gives you access to multiple other painting demonstrations using the Layering Approach taught in Module 5.

There are five different paintings I demonstrate from beginning to end, via multiple painting sessions for each one  --- just in a similar fashion as I do in Module 5. Each painting will provide a somewhat different approach to show you various possibilities. Think of this Module as a library of painting demonstrations, where each demo will further enhance what you learned in ALL of the previous modules. And you will continue gaining a good dose of inspiration from watching these as we explore a variety of applications and styles. You can practice these applications on any size of canvas (I will demonstrate these from sizes of 12"x12" to 20"x24")

(The painting videos are not a time lapse - all steps are real time with me commenting on every step).

Module Highlights:

  • Demo 1: A Colorful Mini (Total Time: 25 min)
  • Demo 2: Brush only Mini (Total Time: 27 min)
  • Demo 3: Floral Inspired (Total Time: 64 min)
  • Demo 4: Easy Peach Harmony (Total Time: 25 min)
  • Demo 5: Ocean Inspired (Total Time: 48 min)


Module 7

Adding Layers & Dimension to an Existing Style

Here we demonstrate how some of the techniques and approaches in this course can be used to add layers and more dimension to abstract artworks created in very different styles. If you’re curious how you can incorporate some aspects from this course into a painting you started or made in a different style (perhaps your current style), this module will get you inspired about how you can approach such an idea to make your art more impactful.  In Lessons 2 and 3, we have 2 different sample painting demonstrations to explore the idea in action.  

Module Highlights:

  • Lesson 01: The Possibilities of Enhancing Your Existing Artwork (Art Style)
  • Lesson 02: Darkening & Highlighting with a Glaze
  • Lesson 03: Adding Layers & Effects with a Medium


Module 8

Evolving (or Creating) Your Personal Style

I’ll share my perspectives and tips on how you can take what you learned and explore how to integrate it into your own style and allow your style to evolve. This module will offer you some mindset and inspiration as you continue on your own creative journey. 

Module Highlights:

  • Lesson 01: Integrating what you Learn into Your Personal Style
  • Lesson 02: Tips for your Art Practice




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Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you sign up for class the website will ask you to create a username and password. This is so that you will get access into the secure portal where you will find your course purchase. Shortly after your registration you will also receive an email that will include the link that will allow instant access to the online course library, and you can start watching the lessons at any time you wish on your computer or any other device, such as your tablet or mobile device. You can watch, pause, re-watch...It's all at your own pace!

You get lifetime access. "Lifetime" technically means for the entire lifespan of the course (which means as long as the course exists on the online learning platform).

Also, let me add that as I make updates to the course in the future you won’t have to pay for any of those updates. You get permanent access to the course and any extras I decide to put in later.

Absolutely. The course is completely self-paced so that you can do as much or as little at a time as you like.

As soon as you purchase the course, the system will direct you to setup your user name and password for the portal. You will also be sent an automatic email that will include your URL for the course portal and you can dive right in!

For sure! Once you buy the course, you can access it whenever you want. The course is  self-paced and you can start whenever you like, and progress at which ever speed suites your circumstances.

No, the lessons are pre recorded. So you can watch them whenever you like, in your own timezone when you're ready.

The course materials are shared as online video content.  The Video Content is made up of two types:

  1. Video Slideshows where I speak to the slides to introduce some of the concepts and basics (these are good for building foundational knowledge and inspiration),
  2. Pre recorded videos where I personally demonstrate the use of materials, applications, and techniques on canvas, and Pre-recorded painting videos where I create end to end paintings from beginning to end, demonstrating each layer. The painting videos are all real time and there is no cuts or time lapse (meaning, there is NO speeding up of the video). So you can watch every detail I do,  with me explaining every individual step. Videos are recorded "from above" looking down on the canvas and working area - as we work on a horizontal surface.

All types of videos are accessible via your course portal once you are signed in.

There are also some downloadable reference files for certain lessons, that you can find in the respective online page for that lesson.

Any smart device that has access to the internet, your laptop, desktop, tablet, smart phone etc.

You also get access to a FREE mobile app (optional download) to access the course and community on the go.


YES!  You can access the Materials Guide for the course here. This includes all materials used in the course and my personal favourites and suggestions. You do not need to buy all your materials as you start the course. You can refer the Materials Guide for more details and tips on this.

The color I demonstrate in the course is Fluid Acrylic Paint (I use the Golden brand colors). Alternative consistencies you can use in place of Fluid or in combination of Fluid is : High Flow (such as Golden High Flow), or Soft Body (Liquitex has a good range). My personal preference is Golden due to it's high performance in color pigmentation. We will cover why paint quality matters (or in which cases it matters) inside the course in Module 2. You can opt to wait until you watch that module, before you buy your paints.

The demonstrations uses Golden brand products (as that is the brand I get the best performance from when it comes to their colors). I do also refer to Liquitex  in the course as we cover materials in Module 2 as this is an alternative that I tried and used with reliable quality.  I can only recommend what I have used, however, also depending on which country you are in, different quality brands of paint products exist in the markets, and you can do your own research on what works best for you. Overall, I do recommend a high quality acrylics paint (professional / artist quality). We will cover why paint quality matters (or in which cases it matters) inside the course in Module 2. You can opt to wait until you watch that module, before you buy your paints.

We will use primarily Glazing Liquid (I use the Golden brand). If you cannot find this brand, you can use mediums that have "glazing" in their name. Some are called "Glazing Medium".  I also demonstrate the use of two other mediums in some applications - these are optional to use: Airbrush medium and Soft Gel Gloss. I am covering this topic in Module 3 - Lesson 2 of the course.  You can also refer to the material guide for details.

That's what the course demonstrates and what I recommend you try so you can follow the techniques and approaches I share while having similar experiences as me.

 Other surfaces can be used too, but they will just have a different look and feel (different style) and some best practices and working style changes depending on the surface type.

This is not that one surface is better or more beautiful than the other. But a stretched canvas is what the course is focused on. You are absolutely welcome to try the techniques on canvas and then also explore them on another surface (I always encourage you to explore and try different things and find what works best for you).

No! In fact I paint horizontally, placing the canvas on a flat surface (table). So that's how all the demonstrations are, and they are filmed from above looking at the painting area. You can work on any flat surface like a table. Make sure to protect your table with a drop cloth or sheet. 

Simple prior experience of having worked with any type of acrylic paints would be nice, as it would make it easier for you to pick up the concepts in this course. However, regardless of your current level, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate painter, if you are serious and excited about exploring different styles, and you want to put in the time to play and practice, you will enjoy this course. You will get the most results the more you practice and the more you try to incorporate your own preferences and experimentations into the techniques taught in this course (rather than forcing yourself to do things exactly as I do at each step). 

Yes, while some of the lessons on materials and color harmony may be refresher for you (if you already have a good handle on color), you will be able to learn some new and fresh approaches for creating vibrant layers with your colors and glazing liquid, and tools like the catalyst wedge.

Yes! If you spend 14 days going through the course, but don't feel the course is a fit for you, just email me, and I will gladly give you a refund. No risks here!

For sure! You can ask me questions right inside the course area within the comments section that is located directly under each lesson video.  I do my best to get back within reasonable time.  In addition you will also get access to a private online student community right inside the course portal, where you can also connect with your instructor and fellow course members and share photos of your creations.

It's not so much a matter of how long the course is, what matters is how fast or effectively you could start enjoying some of the new approaches, tips, techniques, and getting some results.  Also, some like to consume lessons fast, while some like to take their time, re-watch, slow down the videos etc. So the length of the learning experience depends on the person. 

But to answer the question from a watchable lessons perspective, the entire duration of all 8 Modules combined is a total of approximately 12 hours. So you could watch one module per week (over 8 weeks), and you could also watch it all in a matter of a few days or one week. Your personal preference, style of learning, and enjoyment will determine that.

And remember, you have to do the practice to maximize your learning experience (regardless whether you watch the entire course first and get to practice it after, or you practice along the flow of the course). How long or frequent your practices will be, this is something that depends on the person. Ideally, once you're ready to practice, it would be best if you can commit to at least 3 hours a week to painting and implementing the lessons and techniques demonstrated in the lessons. 

I hear you! There's always some other priorities. I developed Vibrant Layers with Acrylics & Mediums to save you time trying to learn things on your own.

Most lessons inside each module are on average 15 min long, and only a very few number of lessons extend beyond 30 mins. So if you can find about 15-20 mins free time, you would be able to easily consume a typical lesson. And you can resume with the next lesson whenever you have time again. The course portal will track which lessons you completed, so you can easily see on your dashboard where you are. Alternatively, if its something you like doing, you could view the entire course in two weekends (there is about 12 hours of total watchable material if you like binge watching).

Most importantly, you can work at your own pace. You will have access to the program for as long as you need it, so you can start and stop whenever is convenient for you. You can access it on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

The good news is, that you can start practicing some interesting techniques as early as in Module 3, and every module builds on top of the previous one. So you don't need to even go fast with the course. Just have fun when it's the right time for you.

If you wish to purchase the course as a gift for someone else, you can use this link to purchase it as GIFT COUPON. Further instructions on how the other person will redeem the coupon to gain access will be provided to you. 

Link to purchase the course for someone as gift.

24/7 Instant and Lifetime Access to Course (including all future updates) 

8 In-Depth Training Modules (Self-Paced, learn anywhere, anytime)

Step by Steps training (on techniques, materials, and approaches)

6 End to End Painting Demonstrations fully explained (plus additional demonstrations on how to enhance existing art with Layering Techniques)

Access to your instructor to ask questions right inside the online classroom

Free mobile course app to learn anywhere anytime

BONUS: Access to Private Online Community right inside the course platform where you can connect with the class and share photos of your art (no Facebook account required)

Vibrant Layers with Acrylics & Mediums 

is FOR YOU if… 

  1. You want to paint fresh and vibrant abstract paintings full of energy 
  2. You are frustrated with getting muddy or dull results when layering or blending colors
  3. You wish to create some transparent or translucent effects in your art and more depth
  4. You have used acrylic paints and want to introduce acrylic mediums to create different effects
  5. You have been using a brush and wondering how you can use a silicone painting scraper (the Catalyst Wedge) for a fresh new style
  6. You have used acrylics with mediums but are disappointed with the color results and not sure how to blend things while keeping colors vibrant and not muddy
  7. You are confused how and when to apply the acrylic mediums
  8. You want to build your confidence with using vibrant colors and making them work
  9. You struggle with the concept of layering and don’t know where to start or how to evolve a layered painting toward an eye-pleasing composition
  10. You are confused if or when you need to wait for previous layers to dry before continuing
  11. You are willing to learn new techniques and willing to keep practicing them with a desire to either create or evolve your own unique style 
  12. You are open to embrace "accidents" and "surprise outcomes"  in a painting process and you believe that accidents can be something good to learn from or to add interest to art. 
  13. You seek to build new creative skills and want something more from your art
  14. You have a current style of painting that you love and want to explore how you could incorporate mediums and glazing effects to add more dimension and interest to your paintings. 
  15. You are still looking to establish a style for yourself and want to learn some fresh new techniques and perspectives


If you said “yes” to at least 6 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside "Vibrant Layers with Acrylics & Mediums"!


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Once you purchase the course you will gain instant online access to all of the 8 Course Modules inside the learning portal, plus your BONUS Student Community right inside the course portal. (***Pricing reflects USD currency)

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Vibrant Layers with Acrylics & Mediums 

is NOT for You if… 

  • You are NOT willing to put in the practice over time
  • You prefer a very quick and easy painting process that always follows the same structure from beginning to end, and that you can replicate exactly each time you paint (Even though I WILL demonstrate all the approaches and techniques in this course step by step, from the beginning to the end, every painting evolves very differently -even for the same artist- and the true learning is about understanding the approach, practicing it, and exploring your own gestures and preferences along the way, so that you can bring in your own personality to it as you wish)
  • You prefer to have full control on every step of a painting process (The process in this course requires you to be open to expect some accidents and surprises along the way - which is part of the creative journey and is actually a lot of fun!)
  • You prefer to follow strict rules and don't want to think, feel, or explore
  • You do not like vibrant colors (or do not enjoy working with vibrant colors) and you only prefer dull tones in your work
  • You want to avoid using good quality paint materials (The success of the taught techniques and your own satisfaction of what you learned will be so much more if you use quality materials. At least you should be willing to give good materials a try and compare different product qualities for yourself, over time)
  • You get too easily discouraged when you make a mistake (or when you "think" you made a mistake)… as the reality is "there are no mistakes in art"
  • You are not patient and you prefer to finish an entire painting in one session (In this course there are waiting times in certain phases of a painting, where the painting activity is resumed after letting a painting dry for an hour or overnight)
  • You want a quick formula to create beautiful art and you are NOT willing to experiment and practice on your own AFTER the course
  • You only want to paint with a brush (while you can absolutely learn from the concepts taught in this course and can apply them to a brush-only approach - in fact, I have a lesson on that too - you will not get the most enjoyment out of the course if you are not open to try the alternative tools such as the catalyst wedge, or similar substitutes)
  • You are a beginner with zero practice with acrylic paints (while the course is suitable for beginner levels, I suggest that students have been practicing and experimenting with acrylic paints before -even if only for a few months- before joining this course, so that they can get the most out of the learning experience) 
  • You expect to create master pieces right after this course, and you are not happy to let your mastery and craft continue to evolve over time 
  • You expect that after this course you will be painting exactly like the instructor (The aim of this course is to introduce to you some of the approaches, techniques, and color principles for creating beautiful and vibrant effects and layering using mediums, while encouraging you to (a) explore these further in your future work, and (b) bring the newly learned tips and techniques into your own unique style and preferences. This course demonstrates some of the many techniques I use in my daily art practice. It is important for the student to understand that my overall style, my techniques, and my mindset to build the paintings in my professional portfolio, which you may see on other parts of my website, portfolio page, art shop, or on social media, took years of mastery and involves trying out a large variety of techniques all the time - I still continue to evolve my craft each day experimenting with new ways of doing things. And more importantly we all are just different, the way we feel, think, and prefer to create strokes and hand gestures. Having diverse results is therefore the natural beauty of art and I encourage my students to embrace this mindset, rather than expecting to paint exactly "like someone else". You will a have much more enjoyable and fulfilling experience if you allow YOURSELF to show up in your works, regardless if it is this course or another course. Therefore, inside this program, you will see and hear me encouraging you to be inspired and experiment, and feel excited to develop a style that YOU love most.)


Your Guide on this Journey

Hey there, I'm Deniz Altug. I am a self-taught contemporary abstract artist in Ontario, Canada.  I started to pursue my passion of painting after having worked about 20 years in Information Technology. I am working primarily with acrylics on canvas.

Throughout my art journey I had received so many inquiries about creatives who wanted to learn from me. So that's when I finally decided to build this online learning opportunity to inspire and help artists like you - whether you are a beginner or an intermediate artist who wants to learn some fresh new ways of creating, and get some tips and inspiration from me.

As someone who LOVES to continuously learn and evolve (both personally and in my art), I hope that you too will find some inspiring learning spark over here and that I can help you step into colorful possibilities!

Wanna explore more about me and my art? Checkout my artist site.


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Still Got Questions? 

If you couldn't find your question under the FAQ, you can email your question to [email protected]

I will work as quickly as possible to personally answer your question. 

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More About what Students are Saying:

"I just have to thank you for your absolutely, over-the-top, e-course. I've loved your art from the first moment I saw it and the fact that you have shared so openly and graciously with your fans is remarkable...Your attention to detail is amazing…I often did not pay attention to all of the information about the materials and why they work they way they work, but in your course I am making sure to take it all in…I will tell you that I know many excellent artists who are not teachers - YOU are a teacher and it makes all of the difference. You take nothing - absolutely nothing for granted. "


"Just a quick email to say a huge thank you for putting together a really informative and excellent course…I’ve binged watched it twice over the past week or so taking in all your excellent instruction and advice and have had one of the most productive (and, more importantly, joyful) painting sessions over the past 2 days completing 4 pieces with 2 more in the early stages!! "


"I’ve always loved Deniz’s paintings, so I was delighted to see that she offered a course, and bought it immediately. Her instructions are clear, and thorough. You can paint along and produce beautiful artwork. She covers every step, including the best instructions on using acrylic mediums that I’ve ever seen. Now I know how to use them! I also love how she explains color harmony and the phases of layering, and that she shows step-by-step demos, with variations on a theme. For anyone looking to paint abstract art with acrylics, don’t hesitate – this course is the best!"


"You have taken the mystery out of working with glazing medium and the catalyst wedge. I saw an artist exactly a year ago that described his art process as many layers of glazing. I had no idea what it was but now I understand how the glazing process works. What makes your technique so special, is the transparency of the layers. Thanks for all you share with your students!"


"I love it, you are so good. I am going over the course for the second time...I am just waiting for my fluid paint to come. I enjoy it all, and you are such a good instructor. I have been painting abstract for many years , but this is new to me. Thank you so much, you are an inspiration to all of us"


"The course is really deep and thoroughly explained. It’s also a pleasure to listen to your voice, good rhythm and I can also feel the happiness you had while recording the course…You have that precious enthusiasm that can inspire. Not all good artists are good teachers and you the right presence! "


"Thank you Deniz: you are an excellent teacher and the way you crafted the lessons and modules made so much sense. I needed a basic 101 of color theory and you gave it me in this course besides the tools for layering. I have mainly been a collage artist but have been trying to paint. Started with watercolors and did some mixed media pieces and now am at the playing stage with acrylics. Through this class I learned that I intuitively have some color sense which was encouraging and that my compositions in my collages were strong with focal points and balance of color etc. I will be doing more mixed media even with my acrylics but this course has been great for me on so many "layered" levels. THANKS SO MUCH. Also, it was such a gift that I found this course during the isolation of Covid Pandemic. It helped keep me mentally strong and focused."


"I found Deniz on Instragram and began following her work because I loved her colourful abstracts.  When she created a course that came available, I knew I had to try it.  I have been really good at painting realism but always struggled with abstracts.  I loved to do abstracts because I found the process enjoyable but they never came out looking good at all.  I have to say her course was excellent!!  It taught me how to do abstracts in a beautiful way.  It was also the first time in my life that someone taught me all about colour theory and the colour wheel in a way that I could understand.  I finally know how to use a colour wheel!!  She also teaches about composition, layering and other aspects of painting that were new to me and are very helpful in my art journey.  Overall, the course is excellent value for the money with the extensive information, demonstrations and materials lists, the course lasted days for me to get through and I have been continuing to return to it months later.  It is my "go to" for abstracts!  I highly recommend this course!"


"I want to express to anyone beginner or advanced you will NOT be disappointed by the content in this online class that is provided by Deniz. This program is thoroughly laid out in the modules, the content covered, the usage for and of the products needed to create your artwork. It is perfectly explained, detailed and displayed in demonstration... What I also like is she has in text on the screen what she is using for her demonstrations. You know exactly what to use all the time....This program and modules are very easy to navigate throughout and is beautifully produced. The visual and audio quality, clarity of the program is amazing.... If there are questions from the community she is expedient in her replies. This is one of the best online programs I have purchased. I would highly recommend this online class to anyone who is considering learning more about product, technique and developing more skill in your own art process. This program instills confidence and encourages exploration in all that we do. I am so glad this is one course I will have in my online library and I am so pleased she made this for all of the artists out there.  "


"I'm Marina from Germany. The course was one of my highlights from 2019... So far I learned so many new things and got a completely different perspective on painting on canvas. Before the course I did not paint on canvas for several years and rather drew with pencil or worked with fineliners .. a lot of black and white. It had such a calming effect on me and still does. Nevertheless, I am very happy and grateful that I now have more color in my life and that my creativity explores completely different directions. The course really gives me the feeling of getting to know a whole new side of myself. Deniz, you are insanely inspiring on so many levels! Thank you. "



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