Materials for

Vibrant Layers with Acrylics & Mediums

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A summary of materials is provided below. For the full list, recommendations, and color codes download the full guide.

Acrylics Paints

Fluid Acrylic Paints (the recommended brand is Golden - Alternative recommendations and consistencies provided in the guide). Color codes used in the course can be found in the downloadable guide.

Acrylic Mediums 

Glazing Liquid (Golden), or any Glazing Medium

Soft Gel Gloss (Golden) - an optional medium

Airbrush Medium (Golden) or any other medium to wet the canvas, or water.


Wide Flat Brushes, ideally firm and synthetic bristle brushes (my recommended brand is Liquitex Freestyle). But you can source other options too.

Painting Wedge ("Catalyst Wedge" or similar). 

Painting Surface

Stretched Canvas of various sizes. Students can use any sizes they wish (however sizes used in the demonstrations are listed in the guide). The canvas will be placed on a flat surface (any table). An easel is not used. 

Other Items Needed

A flat surface to place the canvas on (any table or flat area), protective sheet or drop cloth, lots of paper towel, an unused plastic bowl (or any container) for brush cleaning.

Download Full Course Materials Guide

What if I can't find the recommended materials where I'm located?

You can use alternative paints and mediums. Module 2 in the course covers all the materials (paints, mediums, tools, canvas) and explains alternative materials that may be used. However please note that to get the most of the experience and similar results as demonstrated, I highly recommend a good quality acrylic paints and a stretched canvas, and a medium that offers "glazing" function.

Do I have to buy all materials before the course starts?

Not at all! You can slowly aquire your materials. The first two modules are geared toward building knowledge on the materials and their use, and actual practices will start in Module 3. The Materials Guide provides a schedule of when (in which lessons) the materials are used throughout the course - and since the course is a self study course you can do everything at your own pace.  


For further questions about materials send an email to [email protected] (include "VIBRANT LAYERS" in subject).