By registering to any of Deniz Altug’s online classes, you agree to the following :


  • Your registration gives you personal and individual access only. You will not share your classroom login with anyone, out of respect for your teacher, fellow participants and your own integrity.


  • You will not display any part of the online class publicly or online, or share the content in any manner with other parties, including the videos, texts, graphics, course photos, and supporting PDF files. All contents of the class are protected by copyright law. No such materials may be used except as provided in these Terms of Service.


  • You have high-speed internet access as well as an up-to-date device and web browser to view class content, load pages containing multiple images and videos, with enough bandwidth to be adapted to viewing video streaming without any annoying interruptions or breaks in internet connections.


  • We are not, under any circumstances, responsible for any incident, injury, loss or damage that may occur to you as you take the class. We advise you to get acquainted with any safety measures that the use of your supplies, tools and materials may require.


  • In case you are having any difficulty accessing the class, contact us by email at [email protected]. Please understand that an issue on our end would affect all students. If this is the case, we will do our best to resolve the matter as soon as possible and will keep you informed. If everything is running smoothly on our end, we may be able to offer helpful suggestions but we cannot take responsibility for your individual technical issues (which may be due to your internet connection, electronic device, web browser, cookie settings, interference of other applications, add-ons and plugins you may have installed etc.).




  • With your purchase you receive a 14-Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. In case you feel that the course is not a fit for you, you can email [email protected] within 14-days of purchase (include in Subject “REFUND REQUEST”). Provided you email within 14-day will qualify you for the refund. Depending on when you send this email your refund may be processed after the 14 days (as an example if you email on day 12, it will take us a couple days to process your email). All refunds will be processed within 7 days of your email request.


  • Please note that in case where a refund is issued the 3rd Party Payment Service providers (Stripe or PayPal) will withhold their own processing fee (2.9% plus $0.30). This means your net refund will be your paid amount minus the processing fee withheld by the 3rd party.




  • The online course is a paid service delivered online in a password-protected library (classroom) within Deniz Altug’s online learning website https://artbydeniz.mykajabi.com/


  • The class content is composed of videos, text, images, PDF files, and links, all of which are accessible directly from within the course library site.


  • As soon as you complete your course purchase, you'll be asked to create a username and password for the online classroom right in your active browser. This is so that you will get access into the secure portal where you will find your course purchase. In case you close the active browser by mistake, you do NOT need to worry as you can always still access the link later to create your username password. Shortly after your registration is complete, you will receive a system generated Purchase Confirmation email that will include the link to access the course portal.


  • This confirmation email and any course related emails to follow, will be sent to the email address you used for your registration.


  • The paid course has "lifetime access" to the self-study course material. In this instance, the term "lifetime" means for the entire lifespan of a purchased course (which means as long as the course you enrolled exists on the online learning platform). 


  • The classes have an interactive commenting section at the bottom of every lesson, where you connect with your teacher and fellow classmates regarding any questions about the lesson. Should you choose to post in the lesson comments, you agree to be respectful to others at all times and never share any information posted there outside of the class. Deniz Altug reserves the right to delete any comment at any time. Any disrespectful or offensive comment will be deleted, and in case of breech of this policy Deniz Altug reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently delete your member account, including access to all our online classes, paid or unpaid. (No refunds will be made in such a case where you compromise the learning environment with offensive or disrespectful comments). In addition to the above, Deniz Altug reserves the right to remove ALL comments, or disable the lesson commenting feature entirely from the classroom site (for all students) at any time in the future, in case such a decision is ever made in consideration of the overall learning experience.  


  • Some course offers come with a bonus community forum feature.  This is intended as an optional, private, safe and interactive discussion space for all participants. Deniz Altug reserves the right to permanently close any community forum in the future (a community forum is a feature that is offered as a "bonus" in addition the main course offer and a purchase of the main course product does not warrant life-time access to the community feature, but warrants access to the community as long as the community exists on the learning platform). 


  • We are not responsible for any malfunction or interruptions of service on the part of the website hosting platform, login service provider, video hosting platform, social media or your internet provider. Such issues will be temporary and be resolved by those providers.  If there is such an outage due to these parties, we cannot predict the time in which the issue will be resolved.


  • We reserve the right to modify or update the contents of the class at anytime.


  • In case of a security breach, we reserve the right to change the classroom access login at anytime, in order to maintain the security of the website. In such cases you will be sent new login instructions by email within 48 hours.




  • Participation in the community is optional as a means for you to connect with your classmates and instructor.
  • Should you choose to post inside the community, you agree to be respectful of others at all times and never share any information posted there outside of the course platform. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren't allowed.
  • Deniz Altug reserves the right to delete any posts or comments at any time. Any disrespectful or offensive comment will be deleted immediately. In case of breach of this policy, Deniz Altug reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently delete your member account, including access to all our online classes, paid or unpaid.
  • The forum may have a list of topics under which the students can post. Your instructor, Deniz Altug, can re-arrange the forum topics and posts with the goal to organize the community content for an improved learning experience of the group.



  • Please read our general privacy policy here.  Additionally, by signing up to our online class, you agree that:


  • You give permission for your email address to be added to our email list. We may send you information about our other classes and art-related content that we think may be of interest to you.


  • You give permission to Deniz Altug to use any art images you submit for class, whether on the classroom site or by email, to be used in any future class-related marketing or promotional strategies, online or offline. You will always be credited and will retain the rights to your work. If you want your images removed, please contact us at [email protected].


  • You give permission to Deniz Altug to use any course feedbacktestimonials you submit in a class feedback form, in the classroom comments, via email, or via social media, to be used in any future class-related marketing or promotional strategies, online or offline. If you want your testimonial removed, please contact us at [email protected].




We may, at our sole discretion, modify or update these Terms of Service as well as our Privacy Policy from time to time, and so we invite you to periodically review these pages. When we make changes to these terms, we will update the ‘last modified’ date at the bottom of this page. Your continued use of our online classes following the posting of any changes to these terms means you accept such changes.


Information in these conditions is governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada. Any dispute arising from the use of information or services provided on https://artbydeniz.mykajabi.com/ will be governed by the laws of Ontario.

These Terms of Service were last updated on Feb 7, 2020.





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